If you make your business accessible to customers, you’ll gain their attention and hold their loyalty. Let me show you how.

I’m Lynda Leigh, Australia’s only profoundly deaf professional speaker for business. I’ll show how you can serve an extra 3.5 million Australian customers – that’s 15% of the market.

I’ll show you a better way of doing business. Like many deaf people, I was frustrated at not being able to get things done because I couldn’t talk on the phone. I was tired of poor customer service that ignored the needs of the deaf and hard of hearing community. I had an epiphany. I turned a negative into a positive. Now, I speak to organisations across Australia, showing how accessibility is not only good for the community, it makes perfect business sense.

About Me

I’m a rally driving, record-keeping, wine-and-cheese loving professional speaker.

My life started out fairly typically.

I grew up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and my life was stereotypically normal. Mum, Dad, brother, dog and cat.

I did my HSC and moved to Canberra for my dream job in IT training. That morphed into a nightmare when I became the department’s sole helpdesk operator. I found refuge and my forte in record-keeping.

And for fun, I was a high-achieving direct-selling party-plan consultant.

This whole time, though, being ‘normal’ sometimes felt like a battle. I was doing the same things as everybody else, but with a hearing loss.

Growing up, my parents were oblivious to my condition until a caring teacher suggested that ‘something was wrong’ at primary school. I had no choice but to fit in with the rest of my family/friends because I didn’t know anybody else who was deaf.

But I’d rather be known for my ability than my disability. The skills I’ve gained over my life are the foundation for the skills I want to share with business.

My speaking style is warm, vibrant and very real. I want my audience to have their own epiphanies, both professionally and personally.

To challenge myself further and feel the fear – I am a driver in forest rallying events. Get in touch if you would like to join “Team Cumquat”, you don’t even have to be IN the car.

And if you would like me to speak at your event, please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.


Why Should You Engage Me?

Whether you need a conference speaker, an MC or a dynamic facilitator, I’ll fit the bill.

There are plenty of successful speakers, authors and trainers who tell you how to do business. Normal business using normal business methods with normal customers as a normal every-day event.

Nothing odd about that… except…

Many customers don’t fit the ‘normal’ mold. When they only have to jump on the internet to find a competitor who’ll take what you do, and do it cheaper, you need a new strategy to win these customer’s loyalty. I’ll show you how by giving you a window into the lives of deaf, hard of hearing, as well as other ’disabled’ customers.

My difference doesn’t end there. I don’t just motivate or inspire my audience, I also give them the necessary ‘how to’s’ – all with a good dose of humour and realism.

Topics I speak on include:

  • Customer Service – I’ll show you how to serve your customers better, using tools you already have.
  • Networking – everyone tells that you should network. I’ll show you the ‘how to’s – the necessities, the niceities and how to avoid the nasties.
  • Resilience – When you hear how I’ve overcome adversity, you’ll never want to be part of the norm again.
  • Communication– When you speak to your customers, are they listening? I’ll give insight into a market that other businesses have forgotten about.
  • Records and Information Management – after 15 years of piles, I’ve got some great stories to share.

I’ve Worked With:

Shouting Out

Hear and see me anytime – in print, on TV and on YouTube

Yes this is my scrap book – all my articles, interviews and screen time in one place.



What’s the Best Way to get in Touch?

Phone calls are tricky. I wear hearing aids and phones tend to cause a lot of feedback. Think a sound check at a rock concert, but much less enjoyable.


So How Can I Contact You Then?

There’s lots of options. Email works. Or please use my contact form. I’ll reply within 24 hours.

Any Other way?

Yes. We can talk via:

  • Skype instant messages, or video calls – I can lip read if the download speed is fast enough.
  • Letters
  • Via the National Relay Service
  • And if you’re in Canberra or Bega and places in between, we can even meet in person.

Make sure you fill in all the fields.